Cow Horn Comb


The comb is perfect for any man or lady wanted so brush their locks with style. The comb is made of real cow horn, that is sourced as a byproduct of the meat industry. The intention in making this comb is to use the whole animal as a means of honoring its life.

One Comb $8.00
W 1in x H 4in

All of our animal products are sourced from other industries. We want to see that when an animal dies their whole body is used. We look at using the whole animal as a way to honor their life.

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this comb is dah

Durable and well made. This is a coarse comb.

I love this comb! It works very well, comfortably without static. I am sure it will last me a very long time. Thank you for such a great item at such a low price!

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