Fetal Beaver


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The fetal beaver little guys frozen in formation. Their eyes are closed as they float in a formaldahyde solution. They can be moved to a new resting place of alcohol solution should the buyer chose to do so or they can be left in the . They were killed because the trapper didnt know the mother was pregnant. In processing the trapper discovered them and found them beautiful enough to keep. They eventually made their way to us.

Who knew that the baby beaver was so cute.

All of our animal product are sorced from other industies. We want to see that when an animal is used their whole body is used as a way to honor their life.

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My baby beaver is absolutely perfect and the seller even let me get pick of the litter and was super friendly. This is my first wet specimen and I'll be sure to come back for more!

Came very fast and is beautiful! Very happy with my purchase

Wonderful! It’s a fetal beaver alright! Thanks again!!

Cute specimen, came with jar ☺

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