About Us 

We are Noah, Ali, and Rose Fisher from Minnesota. We have a fascination with strange and unique things. Due to this common interest, we decided to make a job out of it! We buy and sell oddities, focusing mainly on ethically sourced skulls, bones, and furs. Noah And Ali both have a degrees in Anthropology as well as Art. These two subjects converge into a desire to make sure a whole living being is used when it is killed, as well as a desire to bring people into contact with the raw materials they need to create. 
We occasionally do branch out into other curiosities. Check out our Gallery page to see some examples of our favorite items! You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Etsy as @EccentricSupply. We always have a wide variety of skulls and furs available and if we don't have it we would be happy to track it down for you. So if you need skulls, we always have are: coyote, raccoon, beaver, bear, rabbit, bison, etc. We also always have furs such as: coyote, raccoon, skunk, otter, and a variety of fox, as well as Timberwolves, etc. 

We can get most of them with feet on for taxidermy. We travel around the Midwest, setting up our booth at a variety of shows and conventions. Check out our Events page to see where we will be next!

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