Goblin's goodies



Buttons, bones, beads and runes
A bit of lace cut to short with haste
Teeth from a beast
and shells with no dwellers
The great goblin horde is a little bit lighter
We hope that you are ever so delighted

These 5 inch glass jars are all stuffed to the brim bones and bobs. They would make a great décor piece as is or you can open the jar to discover all its secrets.

All of our animal products are sourced from other industries. We want to see that when an animal dies their whole body is used. We look at using the whole animal as a way to honor their life.

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Reviews (8)


this jar is so fun, packed with all sorts of fun finds! thank you! :)

A ton of good bones for a great price! Very fun to sift through!

Such a cool jar. It was literally PACKED full of bones, teeth and goblin goodness. I got two really neat partial skulls. One is a turtle I think and the other could be a weasel? It's going to be fun trying to figure out what's what. Buy it, it's worth it.

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