Raccoon Skull


This Raccoon skull is perfect for making unique art or gift for any bone enthusiast. The Raccoon could be an addition to your collection or the perfect starter piece. Measuring approximately 5 inches in length and 2.5 inches in height

Due to the Natural aspect of skulls variation from the image shown will occur.

All of our skulls have the jaw hot glued to the skull. The silicone-based glue can peel right off without damaging the bone but hold secure if you chose to leave it together. If you choose to unglue the skull a little heat from a hairdryer can assist with the removal.

An A is a #1 quality skull, as perfect as we can get it with all teeth and white and no breaks.

A B is a #2 quality skull, which will have minor issues, small breaks, discoloration or damage. The break may be a small circular bullet hole, showing evidence of how they died. Skull cleaning is not an exact science because every animal is different so they will not all come out perfect and we reflect that with our different quality and price options. They will have all of their teeth.

All of our bones are sourced as a byproduct of other industries in hopes to use the whole animal as a way to honor their life.

Inquires are always welcome!

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Great quality item, the attention to detail for shipping was great. The jaw was glued, so it didn’t come apart in shipping and the amount of bubble wrap made me happy.

perfect perfect perfect. i’m so happy with my purchase. my item arrived quickly and securely and undamaged. very grateful, thank you (:

Beautiful skull! Very happy with the quality, just as expected!

Perfect, it's clean and fully intact. Absolutely love it.

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