Coyote Skull


This Coyote skull is perfect for making unique art or a gift for any bone enthusiast. The Coyote could be an addtion to your collection or the perfect starter peice. Our Coyote Skulls come out of the Dakotas and Minnesota.

Coyote skulls are graded out into #1 and #2.
#1's are going to have all of there teeth and be close to perfect.
#2's will have something that makes them not perfect. They may be old with worn teeth or be missing part. Both #1 and #2 skulls will include the bottom jaw.

All of our skulls have the jaw hot glued to the skull . The silicone based glue can peel right off without damaging the bone, but hold sercure if you chose to leave it together. If you choose to unglue the skull alittle heat from a hairdryer can assit with the removal.

Due to the Natural aspect of skulls varration from the image shown will occur

All of our bones are sourced as a byproduct of other industries in hopes to use the while animal as a way to honor their life.

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This was received timely and in good condition.

Super cool! Some reviews said theirs had blood, mine didn't!! Clean and beautiful. Definitely recommend!

Excellent, exactly what I wanted and looks better in person than in the photos! Clean too!

love it!! so so happy with it, got b grade fearing broken or missing teeth and was so happy to find full teeth and a slightly dirty (but easily cleaned) skull! so excited to display him with the rest of my collection! <3

I just received my coyote skull. It's in great condition and is exactly what I expected.

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