Raccoon Baculum


A racoon baculum comes in two sizes small and large. The smalls are appox 3inches in length. Smalls come from younger racoon where the end is not as developed. This gives the tip the appearance of breakage.

The larges are appox 4inches in length. The large have a sturdy bulbous tip. The larges come from older racoon's who have a fully developed penile bone.

The baculum or penis bone is perfect for making unique jewelry or gift for any bone enthusiast. All our items are ready to ship.

All of our bones are sourced as a byproduct of other industries in hopes to use the while animal as a way to honor their life.

Exactly what I needed. Love it.

Definitely recommend this seller! Great products and quick shipping.

Wish you could ship them in a small box too many are broken

This item is a gift for my sister. it arrived unbroken. I had asked to have it labled somehow so I could discern it from the others purchased, the seller said they would, but must have forgotten. Ultimately the photos in the shop made identification possible.This is the only reason I docked a star for service, but only because I couldn't dock a partial star.

Super quick to ship and products were exactly as described!

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