Beaver Baculum


The Beaver baculum can be found in all male Beavers but not female ones. This penis bone can be used to make jewelry or as an addition to your collection. Beaver baculum are rather small comparative to their body size. Due to its size it is not a dick we deal with often. Beaver baculums are available in very limited quantities. Appox 1 inch in length

One Baculum for $3

All bones are sourced as the byproduct of other industries in an effort to use the whole animal as a means of honoring their life.

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Great piece packaged well and a nice addition

This gift apparently sparked an interesting conversation about the relative size of baculum in smaller vs larger animals, between my forensic anthropologist friend and my her mother the published erotica writer. ... anyways great present for any lesbian interested in dead things.

Thank you very much! A+!

Item is as promised. My only criticism is with the packaging. The bone was in a bubble mailer and not wrapped in anything or protected in any way. The bubble mailer was TRASHED by the post office. If the bone had been any larger it would have broken, and if the mailer was treated any rougher it would have fallen out a hole. If the seller takes the time to read this, I hope they consider wrapping the bone in tissue paper or bubble wrap in the future. The USPS is struggling lately and items aren’t always being handled with care like we’re used to. 💜

Very prompt shipping. Item is top quality and exactly as stated! Definitely will buy from again! I recommend this seller!!!

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