Teeny Tiny Red Ear Slider Shell


These teeny tiny <1in turtle shell ethically sourced from breeders. The little guys died of natural causes leaving behind these super cute teeny tiny turtle shells.

This item is alittle fraglie so it does ship in a 6in cube box, as this is the smallest box avaible to us. We apoligize in advance for the large amount of newspaper packing with this item. We just dont want them to get squished. You could always get the teeny turtle a traveling companion, and we could ship them together.

All of our animal products are sourced from other industies. We want to see that when an animal dies their whole body is used. We look at using the whole animal as a way to honor their life.

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Very fast shipping and it arrived in perfect condition. Customer service was amazing as well. My questions were answered immediately.

Itty bitty and adorable :) Feels super fragile but came packaged amazingly!

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