Box of Beaver Skulls

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Craft grade bottom jaw not included
This 9x6x4 inch box will be filled with 5-8 beaver skulls prefect for crafting. Some of the skulls have broken or missing teeth.

We use minimal packing during shipping of craft skulls so we can fit more of them in the box. We also use smaller boxes to lower shipping cost for the customer. If you would like more packing please leave us a message with your craft box order, with the understanding that you will receive less skulls.

All of our animal products are sourced from other industries. We want to see that when an animal dies their whole body is used. We look at using the whole animal as a way to honor their life.

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Fantastic, great for art projects

Shipping was fast, when the box arrived I was amazed at how many skulls were packed inside! I got 7 craft grade beaver skulls, all in pretty good condition. Excited to work with them and I will definitely come back to this shop in the future!

Exactly as described, loved all the skulls!

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